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Warren Ross As President of IUON, I want to welcome you to the world of nursing.  We opened the International University of Nursing (IUON) in 2005, to address the current shortage of 186,000 nurses in the U.S..  This shortage is expected to exceed 1.2 million nurses by 2014!

IUON was created with the assistance of several deans from U.S. nursing schools and in consultation with leaders in academic nursing.  We are fully committed to providing each student with the highest quality education – an education that will prepare you for licensure as a registered nurse.

In designing and developing our school of nursing, we strictly adhered to the accreditation guidelines published by the Caribbean Regional Council for Nursing, the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). 

IUON has approval from the government of St. Kitts to confer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.  The government of St. Kitts has granted full accreditation to the bachelor's program. In addition, IUON plans to obtain independent accreditation from U.S. boards of nursing and appropriate institutional accrediting bodies. IUON recently submitted application to the Department of Education to participate in the federal student loan program.  We hope to obtain approval for this program this year.

IUON's new Upper Division Program requires students to be on campus for three-to-four semesters before being placed at a partner school.  IUON has partnered with four nursing schools in the U.S. and Canada.  All of the affiliated U.S. partner schools are accredited by either the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), and the appropriate institutional accrediting bodies and/or applicable boards of nursing.  All Canadian partner schools are approved by their respective provincial College of Registered Nurses and accredited by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN).

Because of these unique partnerships, our graduates receive a degree from IUON  as well as a degree from a fully accredited nursing school either in the United States or Canada.  Graduates of the partner school will be fully prepared and eligible to apply for the NCLEX-RN licensure examination. In fact our pass rate on the NCLEX is currently over 90%, which is higher than the national average.

Our faculty members are recruited primarily from the U.S. and Canada.  They must not only have the requisite credentials and experience to teach at IUON, but must also be completely dedicated to both teaching and our students.  This relationship between students and faculty members is a key component of our educational program.

With over 30 years of experience in developing academic facilities, our goal is to make IUON one of the most modern and technologically advanced nursing schools – not only in the Caribbean, but throughout the western hemisphere.  All of our classrooms and laboratories are equipped with the most sophisticated audiovisual equipment, including Elmo projectors and presenters, LCD projectors, plasma screen projectors, projection microscopes, high-resolution monitors, and computers.  We have two skills laboratories equipped with the latest computerized  human simulation  models, as well as other cutting-edge technology.

You will find our library comparable to that of most U.S. and Canadian nursing schools in terms of books, journals, and periodicals with access to numerous online data bases.  The IUON library is both wireless and wired for direct access.  In fact, most of the campus has both wireless and direct data ports for students to access the local area network (LAN).  All the tables in the reading area have data and electrical ports for student laptops.  Our learning resource center is equipped with computers for student use.  Each of the breakout rooms contains audiovisual equipment for group study.

Both of our 150-seat multipurpose labs are fully equipped for instructional needs, and include state of the art audiovisual equipment throughout the facility.   In May 2008, we opened a new 11,000-square-foot anatomy building.

Our campus also includes our sister school the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, which started in May 2008.  This has added to the cultural and academic diversity of the student population and will make the overall learning experience enriching and exciting for our nursing and medical students.

I'm sure you will find the IUON educational experience exciting, stimulating, and rewarding.  It will prepare you to participate in the rewarding field of nursing, and contribute to improving health care in the U.S., and throughout the world.  Good luck!

Sincerely yours,

Warren Ross

International University of Nursing

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