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web-postarrival.jpgGetting Settled in St. Kitts

At the St. Kitts Airport

When students first arrive at the Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw International Airport on St. Kitts, they are required to have their passport readily available as they go through Immigrations.  Students then move into the main airport area and take an escalator downstairs to baggage claim.

Once students have gathered all their checked and carry-on baggage, they proceed to Customs.  All baggage must be cleared by St. Kitts Customs officials. 

IUON Welcome Committee

Students, who have notified IUON of their travel arrangements in advance, will be met at the airport exit doors by members of the IUON Welcome Committee.  Welcome Committee members are easily identifiable as they will be carrying a sign welcoming students to IUON.

Getting to Student Housing

The IUON Welcome Committee will assign students to transportation, and students will be driven to their apartments.  Students can anticipate obtaining their apartment keys either from the IUON Housing Office or directly from the landlord.

Since groceries might be closed by the time a student arrives in St. Kitts, it is recommended that students pack some basic grocery items such as water, coffee, cereal bars, and toilet paper.

Getting to New Student Orientation

IUON will provide transportation to get students to campus for Student Orientation.  IUON will also help students get their bank account established and utilities ordered where necessary.

New Student Orientation

Students coming to IUON for the first time attend New Student Orientation during their first few days on campus.  

This gives new students time to acclimate to island life, connect with fellow classmates, and be introduced to the campus, academic programs, and student services. web-3465.jpg

Seminars occur during orientation to help new students become familiar with their unique living environment.  Students meet with the St. Kitts police to learn about traffic safety and security.  Local government officials will discuss visas, immigration, and national security.  Campus tours take place that orient students to all of the facilities, including the Ann Ross Library and the Learning Resource Center. 

During orientation week, several events are planned to help students acclimate to their new environment, including a first semester party and a catamaran/snorkeling trip for students and faculty.

Typically, representatives from various cell phone companies are available to subscribe students to their services.

Cable and Wireless (telephones), 888 Long Distance (phone cards) and the cable company will be available to meet with new students.

Student Class Registration

Registration for each new semester occurs at the end of orientation. New students will obtain their university identification badges at that time.  All students will receive their class schedules at registration.  Representatives from the IUON Financial Aid office will be available during registration to assist students and respond to any questions. 

Support Services

On-campus services at IUON are available to help support issues that confront students that might negatively impact a student's educational process.   The St. Kitts community also offers a host of resources to support student needs.

These service include:

  • Academic support
  • Health and wellness
  • Technology support
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Banking
  • Daily needs


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