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web-org-clubs.jpgIUON supports a variety of organizations and clubs based on student interests and needs. Extracurricular activities include a student newsletter, student government, social services, and cultural groups.  It is anticipated that additional organizations will evolve based on student interests and needs, and that they will reflect the diversity of the student population. 

Student Government Association (SGA)

The SGA represents all IUON students in student affairs and administrative matters. All students are SGA members, and dues are collected each semester as part of IUON tuition and fees.  Students elect SGA officers to represent them. Student organizations are under the auspices of SGA.

skills_lab.jpgStudent Nurse Association (SNA)

The SNA has been organized to provide opportunities for nursing students to focus on their professional development as future nurses, to facilitate programs and projects in conjunction with government and private organizations, which provide service to the community with student learning in a way that improves both the student and the community.



Religious and Cultural Organizations

Religious and cultural organizations are welcomed at IUON.  Their purpose is to support the diverse spiritual needs of the IUON student body and to promote cultural growth experiences.  Organizations may also be sports or recreation focused such as intramural teams. 



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