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family and friends 2.jpgSome students may want to bring their spouses, children, and/or friends to St. Kitts.  St. Kitts has specific limitations on who can remain in the country passed 30 days. Obtaining a work permit is very difficult for visitors to the island. Any member traveling with the student must have a valid passport and traveling documents as the students.

Information for Families

Housing Needs

It is important that the Director of Housing be notified of the number of people who will be coming to St. Kitts with the student so appropriate housing may be located.

Employment in St. Kitts

The Government of St. Kitts imposes restrictions regarding who can work on the island.  It is very difficult for family and/or friends to gain employment while on the island.

A work permit is required for anyone employed on St. Kitts.

Child Day Care in St. Kitts

IUON does not currently offer on-campus day care, and finding private daycare is difficult in St. Kitts, especially with the early morning or late evening hours when students are in clinical assignments.  If permitted to remain in the country beyond 30 days, a family member should be available to provide appropriate child day care while the student is on campus or studying. 

Education for Students' Children

A list of private schooling options, both elementary and secondary, and their availability is maintained by the University. Many of the schools provide a Western style of education.

IUON recommends that families discuss their child's education with their U.S. school system prior to enrolling the child in a St. Kitts school.  It is important to understand whether the child's grade level attended in St. Kitts will be accepted by the US. school system upon the child's return.

sports_and_recreation2.jpgVisiting an IUON Student

St. Kitts is an outstanding destination to visit.  There are beautiful beaches, great snorkeling, excellent hotels and restaurants in every price range.

Traveling To/From St. Kitts

St. Kitts is located in the Eastern Caribbean. Renowned as a resort destination, St. Kitts is easily accessible from New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, and other major airports.

Visitors are required to have a valid passport. Depending on the length of stay and a visitor's home country, a visa may be required. 

Taxi service is plentiful from the St. Kitts Airport.  Drivers accept either U.S. dollars or Eastern Caribbean (E.C.) dollars.  Some resorts may offer a shuttle service, so visitors should check with their hotel to determine whether their hotel choice offers shuttle service.  Rental cars are available at the St. Kitts Airport as well.

When leaving St. Kitts, there is an airport departure tax of $22.00 U.S. (approximately $60.00 E.C.).

Staying in St. Kitts

St. Kitts offers hotels at a variety of price options.  There is a 650-room Marriott Resort and Casino, the Ocean Terrace Inn located in Basseterre, and the Frigate Bay Resort.  Information about places to stay in St. Kitts can be found on the St. Kitts Tourism web site. 

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