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Technology-Based Campus

IUON has developed one of the most technologically advanced campuses in the Western hemisphere.  It in fact is comparable to the best nursing schools in the United States.  

The wireless and networked campus is a key component to ensure that students are well prepared to complete the educational program. Utilization and understanding of educational software and auto-tutorial learning is emphasized throughout the learning process. 

All of the classrooms and laboratories are equipped with state of the art audio-visual equipment. Students are required to bring their computers to class where they can access class notes and faculty presentations. 




The innovative 210-seat auditorium is equipped with audio visual tools that allow faculty to present critical visual information in the most creative mode available.  The auditorium is outfitted with plasma screen monitors, LCD projectors, an Elmo presenter, and additional equipment designed to enhance the instructor’s presentation to students.

The wireless environment allows students to connect to the university apps folder which contains faculty presentations and class notes.


Multi-Purpose Laboratories


Modern 100-seat multi-purpose laboratories, with cutting edge technology including audiovisual equipment, high definition LCD monitors, ELMO® presenters, computers for presentations, and projection microscopes.  The projection microscopes enable faculty to present visually relevant microscopic and pathological images for viewing on monitors located throughout the laboratories.   

The laboratories operate in a wireless environment so students can access class notes and faculty presentations.  The laboratories has multi functionality and is uesed as both a classroom and laboratory.



Anatomy & Neuroanatomy Laboratories


In May 2008, the University opened an 11,000 square-foot anatomy building to house both the gross and neuro laboratories for our sister medical school, UMHS.

As a result of the new building, nursing students have opportunities for experiences which will enhance their knowledge and understanding of anatomy and pathophysiology.

This facility is equipped with state of the art audio visual equipment to enhance the quality of education.  A prosected cadaver is utilized for demonstration purposes and is viewed over several 42” high definition monitors that are stationed at the end of each student’s cadaver work table.  Computers are at the end of each cadaver table for students to access anatomical software as reference material during lab sessions. 

As students are dissecting, they are able to view relevant information provided by the faculty in several formats including Microsoft PowerPoint® and ELMO® presentations.  There are power polls paced at the end of each cadaver table for students who want to bring their laptop/tablet computer to connect to our database of anatomical images.

Human Simulation Laboratories


IUON is a leader in the use of human simulation models.  Human-computer simulation is an advanced capability that allows students to integrate clinical capabilities with basic science principles.  Faculty members provide simulations that challenge and test students' clinical and decision-making skills.

The IUON Human Simulation Laboratories are designed with the functionality and appearance of a 24-bed hospital unit or clinic.  IUON recently added iStan® to the Human Simulation Laboratories.  iStan® is the most advanced, realistic, wireless human simulator available today.  Its functionality includes jugular vein distention, bilateral chest movement, real breath, heart and bowel sounds, and articulated motion.


The IUON campus has smaller classrooms throughout the campus designed to offer students a more intimate and personalized educational experience.  These classrooms are used for small group instruction, seminars, group study, and closer interaction with faculty members. 

Library and Learning Resource Center

300xcomputing.jpgThe Anne Ross Library and Learning Resource Center [LRC] is designed to provide students with a peaceful, enabled atmosphere that is conducive to learning. 

The library houses an impressive collection of multimedia, books, and journals in both hard copy and electronic formats.  In addition to nursing and health sciences education, the collection provides information resources to support a general arts and science curriculum.  The library has breakout study rooms with computers and audio visual equipment for a variety of viewing and listening needs.

The wireless environment on campus extends throughout the facility and all library and LRC desks are laptop/tablet computer ready. The LRC is equipped with over 60 computers for students to access the internet, educational software, on line databases, class notes, faculty presentations, email, and more. 

web-3465.jpgThe librarian and LRC staff are available to assist students with research and information retrieval, encouraging the ongoing development of information literacy skills.

A life-long commitment to evidence-based practice is fostered in the students through the utilization and promotion of credible information sources.  IUON supports this practice by offering students access to an  extensive array of online  journals and database subscriptions.  

The main gateway to the library resources, catalog, and other services such as chat reference, is via the Anne Ross Library blog.

Campus Bookstore and Café

The bookstore provides students with required and recommended course textbooks, diagnostic and surgical tools and other essentials.  The café is open for meals and snacks throughout the day.

Technology Support

The IUON campus has an advanced computer and communications network that is managed by the Information and Technology Services (ITS) Department.  The ITS Department is comprised of professionally trained, experienced, and dedicated staff members who are focused on providing responsive support .  This team supports the University hardware, software, peripherals, shared database systems and multimedia equipment. 

The IT Department provides all students with access to the Internet, and students are provided with an IUON email account.  

Disability Accommodations

The International University of Nursing attempts to provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities.  The University strives to enable students with disabilities to assist themselves in achieving their educational goals and enhancing their leadership development through participation in the facets of campus life.
Students with disabilities may be required to provide documentation of the disability.  The cost of assessment and documentation is the student's responsibility.  Assessment services may not be available in St. Kitts and may need to be procured in the United States or Canada. 

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